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Recovering Minds is currently set up to accept single donations through Paypal as a way to help support this website. For the price of a few lattes, you can help RM evolve into the indispensable resource and community we know it can become. The more support we get from our community and advocates, the more quality content, tools and resources we can pursue in our quest to make Recovering Minds awesome.

If you have any suggestions for additional features, products or services we might provide using the donation funds, please let us know. If enough people want the same things, we just might turn that demand into a future release.

Coming Soon – We are in the process of setting up a monthly recurring donation feature with Paypal. Please check back here soon and consider supporting us with a monthly donation.

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support recovery by readingThe Bookshelf

We’ve curated a collection of books just for you. The Recovering Minds Bookshelf contains a wide variety of books covering everything from addiction, mental health, trauma, self-improvement, professional development, health & nutrition and many more topics. This collection is comprised of books we’ve read, suggestions from trusted friends and partners and community recommendations.

Exposing yourself to new information through reading is fundamental to the Recovery Mindset. The Evolve stage, in particular, is all about discovering your true path, developing the skills and knowledge needed to advance in this new direction and remaining always CURIOUS.

Check out our latest book recommendations now!