Dreaming Is Planning

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

– Gloria Steinmen

It’s really easy for me to get lost in a dream, just thinking about some upcoming event or my latest revolutionary idea. I’m not talking about those mornings when I wake up wondering what just happened for the last 8 hours. I’m talking about the moments throughout the day when I do what is commonly referred to as daydreaming. I think we can all relate to these times when we just go away to some quiet place in our mind’s eye. Think about the last time you had to present something at work or your last job interview. I always spend time going over the presentation in my head, or I visualize the interview from beginning to end. I imagine what I will wear that day, what I will say, how the audience will react. Or maybe it’s a date with a loved one to celebrate a special occasion  or a speech at a graduation party. These are just a couple of examples of things I daydream about. I frequently come up with a plan to make these moments special while daydreaming. And it works!

What about you? What kind of stuff do you daydream about? Do you ever use your daydreams as a roadmap for future plans?

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