Social activities, open discussions, workshops and peer support


Boredom is not only a common problem in recovery, it can also lead to relapse.

For many of us, drugs and alcohol were at the center of  our social lives. Filling the void is imperative for a balanced life in recovery.

Recovering Minds is now organizing social activities, workshops, seminars and many other events & activities through

Visit San Francisco Bay Area Recovering Minds on Meetup to sign up (IT’S FREE)

Much of our time interacting with people is through social media. We send emails, text, make comments in forums and post things on walls. And while it definitely helps to have an online recovery support network like the kind we’re building in with our community forums, nothing beats the support and inspiration one finds with real world friends who know what you’re going through.

We have some exciting online and offline (in person) Meetups planned for our Northern California community members. Check back here or sign up for The Mind’s Eye Newsletter to receive updates regarding future events.

Want to see Meetups and other events in your neighborhood? Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about expanding Recovering Minds and organizing meetups in your area.

We look forward to meeting you soon.