The idea behind Recovering Minds is to spawn a social movement. A recovery revolution. To change the way men and women in recovery look at their futures and to change the way society looks at people in recovery.

We live in a high-pressure and overwhelmingly stressful world. Addiction, alcoholism, trauma and mental illness are on the rise. Chances are, there’s not many people out there who don’t suffer from one (or more) of these issues themselves or don’t know someone who does.

For far too long a debilitating social stigma has plagued people in recovery. They’re often considered weak. Morally bankrupt. Damaged in some way. Even worse, the very people at the heart of this social stigma often look at themselves in the same light. They allow their past choices, behaviors and issues to define their present. Worse yet, to define their futures.

Those of us who have suffered from addiction, alcoholism, mental illness & trauma are no less capable than the rest of society. With the right opportunities and the right mindset, we have just as much potential as anyone else to achieve big things and make a positive impact on the world. aims to bring together committed, ambitious and all around amazing people. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools and support to create amazing, fulfilling lives and to grow as people. Emotionally, personally and professionally.

By creating an online community with opportunities to connect offline, our goal is to help like-minded people connect, engage and support each other. Personally & professionally. Emotionally and spiritually.

There are already resources to help people get sober. There are quite a few resources that help people stay sober. But there seems to be a lack of resources for people looking to do more in sobriety. To help them set the bar higher and develop the connections, skills, knowledge and ambition needed to address their past and move beyond it.


How Did We Get Here?

  • In August of 2014, I experienced a crisis unlike anything I’d been through before. Although I had multiple year periods of sobriety on and off over the last decade, I really hadn’t found a recovery program and lifestyle that would stick and in turn, make me a better person. Until recently, I had done little to address the underlying issues & emotions that led to my addictions in the first place. I was great at helping others with their problems…but it was only after a mental breakdown in August 2014, The Hard Reset as I’ve come to think of it, that I realized I was doing so at my own peril. By subscribing to the “fake it till you make it” philosophy, I was forcing a round peg (me) into various square holes (existing recovery programs).

    I needed something different. Something that pulled the best ideals, tools and practices from existing programs and then set the bar even higher. One that not only helped me achieve the physical sobriety needed to be a productive member of society, but also the tools, connections and confidence to aim for higher goals and remain dedicated to achieving them.

    It’s at this point I decided if something I needed didn’t exist, maybe I could create it. Many of the recently sober alcoholics and addicts I met all seemed to be asking the same two questions. “What Now?” and “Is This It?” I was very familiar with these questions, so what I decided to do was try to create a resource, community and peer support program that could help us all answer these two important questions.

    And that’s where the idea for RM came from. This website is (and will continue to grow into) the kind of community, educational resource and socially conscious business I was searching for during my own recovery journey.

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  • One day I woke up and knew something had to change. There had to be a better way to go through life. I got up and drove to work asking myself this simple question, “Why am I choosing to live this way?” When I got to work I knew the answer. I was allowing my addiction to control most of my life. I decided that day to reach out for help. I was in a dark place and I couldn’t understand why because my life was good. I was successful at work and I had a solid group of family and friends yet I felt alone. I was heading down a road of self destruction. I wanted to do so many things but instead I was just simply existing.

    I decided to start living. I reached out for help and entered a treatment center for addiction. During this treatment I learned many things about addiction. I learned how to deal with the emotional and psychological issues that I had ignored for so many years. Rather than face the issues I turned to a substance to make me forget. The problem was they didn’t go away. I had spent years at a time sober but I never dealt with these issues. I learned that until I did those years of being sober would always end the same.

    I left the program and got right back to normal life. It was fairly easy for me to deal with all of this when I was in treatment. I was surrounded by people going through the same things and medical professionals that were there to support me. It was apparent that I now needed something more. Through this journey I have discovered things that have helped me enjoy life again. I would like to share some of this with you through this site. Through a lot of research and trial and error, I have discovered many things that have helped me with my recovery both mentally and physically. My only goal in helping create this site is to help you discover how living with a Recovery Mindset can be an awesome experience.