There’s more to RECOVERY than sobriety


  • Welcome to Recovering Minds

    We are a peer support recovery community consisting of like minded people with similar goals but different journeys. Goals like:

    • Developing relationships and making valuable connections with people that understand what we’ve been through.
    • Developing the knowledge, courage, and skills to address the issues behind our issues and creating better lives for ourselves.
    • Creating a fulfilling and healthy life focused on personal growth, professional development and using our experiences and knowledge to help others do the same.
    • Keeping our heads in the game…keeping the recovery mindset strong in everything we do.

  • Join the Recovery Revolution

    In addition to using the website as a recovery resource and participating in our community, we’re also looking for people that want to take their involvement to a whole other level.

    The success of our mission is contingent upon help, feedback and ideas of our own members and we’d love for you to get involved. Previous experience and long-term sobriety are not required and there are opportunities for people in recovery as well as non-addicts who wish to help our cause.

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The Recovery Mindset


The Recovery Mindset is more than just a philosophy…it’s a way of life.

Removing drugs or alcohol from your life is no small feat by any means. Getting a handle on mental health issues is not easy. Bouncing back after a traumatic experience can be difficult. But it’s likely your journey has just begun.

The substances, issues and events that ruined (or are ruining) our lives are rarely the real issue. More often than not, we behaved impulsively/compulsively, abused (and became addicted to) drugs/alcohol and developed unhealthy coping skills all in a pursuit to enhance, numb or escape our lives. To ease the pain caused by unbearable life circumstances, unhealthy relationships, poor self-esteem and other psychological, sociological and/or physical problems.

The Recovery Mindset is about creating a better life for yourself. It’s about addressing the underlying issues that contributed to your problem(s) in the first place. It’s about having a mindset dedicated to making changes and creating a life worth living. It’s about honest self-examination, better habits, and becoming a better person…spiritually, professionally, physically and mentally.



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